Perform a process mapping and FMEA on ONE of the following procedures:

1. Doing laundry

2. Roasting (and preparing to serve) a chicken

3. Mowing the lawn

Choose only one procedure. Your process map should be sufficiently detailed so that someone could follow your steps and come up with a reasonable result. When considering failure modes for each process step, consider a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 failure modes. Discuss/assign the risk priority numbers for occurrence, severity, and detectability and determine which step is the most risky. Remember: Keep the goal of the process in mind when modulating your chosen indices. Severity, for example, should be modulated for a household chore. If you’re roasting a chicken, the goal is to MAKE DINNER. Anything that prevents you from eating dinner could be considered “catastrophic” (a severity of 10). You do not need to develop a quality management program (no need to develop checks for each step).

You are welcome to work together, but each student should turn in a separate report. Please give credit to your coauthors on your report. The report should include a visualization of the process mapping and (preferably) a table of the FMEA (with the O, S, D numbers). Remember, there are no absolute right answers to FMEA – it is a semi-quantitative way to assess risk. Have fun with it!


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