Kras, Inc., was organized and authorized to issue 50,000 shares of $100 par value, 9 percent [referred stock and 50,000 a shares of no-par, $5 stated value common stock on July 1, 2011. Stock-related transactions for Kras are as follow:
July 1 Issued 10,000 shares of common stock at $11 per share.
1 Issued 500 shares of common stock at $11 per share for services rendered in connection with the organization of the company.
2Issued 1,000 shares of preferred stock at par value for cash.
10Issued 2,500 shares of common stock for land on which the asking price was $35000. Market value of the stock was $12. Management wishes to record the land at the market value of the stock
Aug.1purchased 1,500 shares of its common stock at $13 per share.
10declared a cash dividend for one month on the outstanding preferred stock and $0.02 per share on common stock outstanding, payable on August 22 to stockholders of record on August 12.
12Date of record for cash dividends.
22Paid cash dividends.
1. Record the transaction in Journal form.
2. Prepare the stockholders’ equity section of the balance sheet as it would appear on August 31, 2011. Net income for July was zero and August was $11,500.
3. Calculate dividends yield, price/earnings ratio, and return on equity. Assume earnings per common share is $20. For beginning stockholders’ equity, use the balance after the July transaction.
4. Discuss the results in requirement 3, including the effect on investors’ returns and the company profitability as it relates to stockholders’ equity.


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