Week 8 Homework Assignment

Please answer the following End of Chapter Exercises from Chapters 29-32
of your text.

Chapter 29 – Multimedia and IP Telephony (VoIP)

29.1 Define multimedia
data. What are the two techniques used to overcome jitter?

29.10 What are
the six basic methods used with SIP?

Chapter 30 – Network Security

30.6 Why is
deriving a security policy difficult?

30.8 List and
describe the eight basic security techniques.

Chapter 31 – Network Management (SNMP)

31.5 What is a
protocol analyzer?

31.6 What does a
flow analysis tool help a manager understand?

Chapter 32 – Trends In Networking Technologies and

32.5 With what
general use is peer-to-peer computing often associated?

Name three examples of social network applications.


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