I need you to write an essay one page . please don't copy from the internet and read the rules (see below),


As part of the development process,you will be submitting this assignment via Cengage online product. SB&E waspickedas a“partner school” to train the system.A partner schoolhelps train the Artificial Intelligence on assessing specific writing assignments.The actual assessment of the writing assignment submissions from you willbe graded by a set of professional graders who reviewyour submissions and assign"grades" based on the rubric defined for the assignment.That "grade" is then sent back to theyou via the same online environment and is used by the AI to help it "learn" how to assess andassignpoint values to a given assignment submission.

The topic for today's assignment: What problems can result for an organization and its customers when the organization acts in an ethically questionable manner? via Cengage online site; MLA; 1-2 pages; 12 font: Times or Arial; per publisher request: this assignment may take up to 4 weeks to receive Instructions: submit


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