Hello everyone I need an excel assignment done by tommorrow (09/28/2013) morning at 9:00 am. I need an "A" on this assignment.

Here are the Professor's instructions:

Excel Lab Assignment

You represent a distributing company that buys different computer items. You need to find data and price for 10 different items. Depending on the product, each item should be classified as one of the following categories: hardware, software y accesories. There should be representation of each category and items should be from different stores. You need to gather data for each item and create a spreadsheet with the following specifications:
The first row should represent a title in Bold with Font Size 14. Use option merge cells to center that title with a light gray color in its background.The worksheet should contain the name of the item, its price, a description, the store's name and its category. The description of the article should specify details of the product. Use "wrap text" for the store's name or the product description. For example: Item name – Hard Disk, Description – Quantum 40GB. Another example: Item name – Monitor, Description – Daewood 17". Not all the items need a description. For example, mouse is a mouse and you don't need to write a description. It could have a description if it were a specific type of mouse like track ball or wireless.The worksheet should have a least two items where the data was gathered through the Internet, but not all the items. This could be done through online catalogs of stores such as: Tiger Direct, Global, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. You could use a store's promotional shoppers to search for products. Remember to vary the stores, even though you could have various products of one particular store. For the online stores you should present the web site's URL in the cell of the store's name.
Use the Currency format for the prices.Calculate the average of each category as well as the average of all the products. You should also show the highest and lowest price of all the items.Do a frequency distribution to determine how many items you found of each category.Use COUNTIF function to determine the frequency of each category. Example of the CountIf function: COUNTIF(range of the classified categories, cell with the desired category).With the results of the frequency distribution construct a graph, either pie chart or bar chart. The chart should have a title and a legend. This chart should be integrated into the spreadsheet not as a separate object or a second page.
The following criteria will be considered to evaluate the assignment:Format – follow the specific instructionsContent – quality of the items and the prices selectedFormula – the use of adequate functions and the proper printout of the worksheet

You select the design of your worksheet, but keeping in mind the requirements. The design may vary in terms of columns and rows. The spreadsheet should have your name, course name and date at the bottom.


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