History Essay about Indian Americans

Length: 600 words minimum (excluding name, date, class, and title)

Format: Text entry, or file via personal message/email (backup)

Drafts: If you would like me to review an early draft, please send it via email or personal message. The campus  can also offer essay-writing assistance.

Please submit an essay that answers ONE of the following prompts.

What prejudices or assumptions does Bartolomé de las Casas hold against , even as he vocally defends them against the abuses of his fellow Spaniards? Consider how Las Casas’ defense may be condescending or revealing a certain agenda. Support your conclusions with examples from the document.

Please read at least the Preface and Chapters 1-3 of Las Casas’ work when evaluating your answer.

Primary Source:

How does Guaman Poma—an indigenous Peruvian nobleman—seek to interest “the monarch of the world” in his denunciation of Spanish abuses? Consider what his complaints and solutions indicate about his overall attitude towards Spanish rule when determining your answer. Support your conclusions with examples from the document.

Primary Source:

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