The current paradigm of education is one based on standardisation, similar to the mass production of the industrial age of the recent past. However, this is slowly facing a subtle change, one of customisation due to the digital information age we are currently located. We understand that learners have different needs and develop at different rates. Hence we might conclude we are in the transition from standardisation to customisation. Instructional design theories and methods provide guidance and framework for educators navigating this changing landscape.
Develop a case study that presents the following:
1. Describe and define your case (i.e. specific educational context or setting)
2. Examine how standardisation has impacted on this setting.
3. Identify how customisation is starting to appear
4. Select a model of instructional design and theory that would be best suited to this context. Explain and justify why this model and theory is appropriate.
5. What would be the anticipated impact on learners and teachers?
6. What modifications or changes would be required for this model to be successfully implemented?
Your case study should be well supported by references (minimum 10) and can be presented textually (i.e. written submission) or a combination of video, audio and text. A written submission should have a word count of 2000 words plus or minus 10%.


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