Doctoral Evaluation Question

Having you write about the information you have encountered through the magnitude of required reading in the doctoral program is a method that allows professors to effectively evaluate your ability to absorb and synthesize content. As you move forward on your doctoral journey, what process will you use to be successful in crafting your written discussion question responses and essays prior to submitting them for grading? What steps will you take to improve your writing skills at the doctoral level?




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Writing at the doctoral level can be confusing and intimidating because of the effort made in trying to understand what the scholarly voice is and how to transition to graduate level writing. The best process to employ so as to have a successful crafting of written responses it to be keen and attentive to what I supposed to be written. Graduate level writing requires great caution in word choice, evidence usage and tone. Understanding and applying the various rules is a big step in becoming a master of writing at the doctoral le…


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