Discuss the process of defining project scope in more detail as a project progresses, going from information in a project charter to a project scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary. Why do you think schedule issues often cause the most conflicts on IT projects? Explain what happens during the process to determine the project budget. Discuss the importance of understanding tone of voice and body language in comprehending the meaning of what people say. Give examples of how the same words said in different ways have totally different meanings. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting or virtual teams related to IT projects. Discuss the common sources of risk on IT projects and suggestions for managing them. Which suggestions do you find most useful? Which do you feel would not work in your organization? Why? Discuss some of the examples of poor quality in IT projects presented in the “What Went Wrong?” section. Could most of these problems have been avoided? Why do you think there are so many examples of poor quality in IT projects? Either from your own experience, from the course room or from the job, or by searching the Internet, describe a well-planned and executed project. Describe a failed project. What elements of project integration might have contributed to the success or failure of each?


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