Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) based on the following narrative. It should cover all aspects of the move—from the beginning of the project (now) to the end, when all employees are moved into their new offices. Format your solution in tabular form with the following column headings: Task ID No, Task Description, Estimated Effort, Predecessor Task ID. For your solution, follow these guidelines:

■ Include dependencies.

■ Include effort (work) estimates.

■ Have 30 to 40 detailed tasks.

■ Cover a period of at least two months to a maximum of six months. You are an employee of a small company that has outgrown its facility. It is a Web development and hosting company, so you have technical network administrators, developers, and a couple people handling marketing and sales. There are 10 employees. The president of your company has purchased a nearby single-story building, and the company is going to move into it. The building will need some internal modifications to make it suitable. The president has asked you to take charge of the move. Your assignment is to (1) get the building ready, (2) arrange for the move, and (3) carry out the move. The building is nearly finished, so the job shouldn’t be too difficult (no construction is necessary—just some refurbishing). The building has several offices as well as a larger area that needs to be set up with cubicles. You and the president are walking through the building, and she tells you what she wants: “Let’s use the offices as they are,” she says. “We will need a reception desk for visiting customers. The office in the back corner should be okay for our computer servers. Let’s put the salespeople in these offices along the east wall. We are short a few offices, so let’s put up a few cubicles in the large room for our junior developers. “Of course, we will need to get everybody connected to our system, and I think Ethernet would be faster than wireless for us. And we all need to have phones. “Let’s plan the move for a long weekend, like a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Of course, we need to be careful not to shut down the clients we are already hosting. “Will you put together a schedule for the move for our employees and set up instructions for all the employees so they know how they are supposed to get ready for the move? Thanks.”



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