Describe your reaction when you heard the following in the podcast: "There's one more thing we should say about The Education of Little Tree, something many people may already be aware of. It's a lie. It's not an autobiography. It's all made up. And the fact that it's one of the larger literary hoaxes in history is discussed in some high schools where the book is taught, like this one. But in many others, it's not. And the true tale of how this book came to be contains some even more memorable characters learning somewhat darker lessons." Does the above fact change your opinion about whether you would or would not recommend this book to parents for their children to read? Why or why not? The Education of Little Tree is a book, a TEXT. Is the truth of it ONLY about the text itself (the words and sentences as they are printed on the page) or is the truth of what it teaches tied somehow to the author and the sort of life he lived? Why? Does it make any difference to how you feel about the message of the book if Asa Carter REALLY had a change of heart (i.e., if he truly believed what he wrote in Little Tree) or if he was just pretending? Why? Why did I do this to you? Why did I ask you to read this book and develop an opinion about it and THEN play the podcast for you? (Hint: I am not just trying to be mean. Try to get inside my head . . . what relevance does this experience have for this course as we make the transition from talking about religion (as it is understood by people looking at it from the outside) to theology (faith seeking to understand)?) I need the answers to these questions from your opinion or you can read the attachment to help you with some question.


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