Course Materials-2185- × y D The University of Texas a × Online G H Patel College XY G the breakdown voltage E × ? ? ? Secure https 57603-dt-content-rid-1 31 31 10642/courses/2185-ELECTRONICS-I-50901-001/EE24035u18PS1.pdf : Apps ? sign in a Mail Alha th Kame Students! Get the lo Mail alharth. Ohm Google Translate D Welcome to AT&T D American A ines A UTA Self-Service X Just Energy Accou » 10. The side view of a silicon pn abrupt junction diode is shown in Figure 10. Resistivity of the p and n types are shown on the schematic. Since the anode (A) and cathode (K) are shorted together, the device is operating at zero bias. Use this information to calculate zero-bias values for the following: the contact potential Va in volts (b) the depletion depths Xpo and Xao in ??? (c) the ncgative and positive depletion region charges Q(0) and Q'(0) in coulombs (C). (d) the deplction capacitance C,(0) in Farads (F). (e) the breakdown voltage BV in volts (Ec 350OKV/em), and (f) the physical length Wp or Wn in jum that will produce a punch-through breakdown voltage BV to the avalanche breakdown voltage BV that is, junction (40am x 40um) metal contact a to a (o) pype (0.01 ?-cm) n-type (1.0 2-cm) matal contact 10um Sum w, Figure 10 Si pn abrupt junction diode


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