Consider monochromatic light at a wavelength 600 nm with intensity 100 mW/cm2. Calculate the (i) photon flux, defined as photons/cm2/s. (5 marks) (ii) If we use the beam in (i) to illuminate a perovskite solar cell (bandgap 1.5 eV), what is the maximum short circuit current we can expect from our solar cell if its area is 2 cm2? (5 marks) (iii) If the open-circuit voltage of the cell in (ii) is 0.8V and its Fill Factor is 0.75, what is the maximum power that the cell can produce? (5 marks) Estimate the cost of the electricity (in $/kWh) produced by a solar panel assuming its production cost is $200/m2, its power conversion efficiency is 18% and its lifetime is 30 years. (iv) (5 marks) (v) If we change from the situation of (iv) to a technology that is cheaper to manufacture but gives solar cells with efficiency 12% and lifetime of 10 years, what would the cost of production have to be to make them competitive with the technology in (iv)? (5 marks)


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