But a topic that has to do with IT management will be better such as Issue in IT management? Virtual management of employee? I mean anything that tend toward management of IT. I will do work on "virtual management of employees" fine? ok sure. DO something like this :What sorts of motivators, processes, and best practices should managers of virtual organizations adapt from the open source movement? Not exactly but in that tren Deadline-5 hrs use own words limited use of spinner The paper should be approximately 20 pages in length and focus on one of the major themes/issues/concerns in regard to systems analysis and design. The paper should be a substantive approach to the APA publications guidelines with supportive evidence from a variety of sources, such as articles from periodicals, books, and documents gleaned from the Internet. Feel free to retrieve information from numerous sources. Also, consider using charts and diagrams where appropriate. The objective of the paper is to provide the opportunity for you to do independent research in an area directly related to the course subject matter, and to generate a high-quality written report summarizing the results of your research. The 6th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) manual shall govern standards for the final research paper. Research Topics Please feel free to select a topic of interest for your paper. You are welcome to share your idea with me and/or you can also take a topic and run with it. Miscellaneous Paper Information Your list of cited works should include at least seventeen (17) total references. The paper should be at least 20 pages in length–APA writing style should be followed and all sections, such as title page, references, etc can be included within the 20 page minimum. My best advice is to pick something that is of interest to you in order to sustain your level of motivation throughout the exercise. Go to the library to research the desired subject area or go on-line as soon as possible. Remember, it is not an essay. It offers you the opportunity to investigate an area of personal interest, to explore documented information systems research in that area, to develop a potentially bold and innovative thesis, and to support that thesis with appropriate documented research. ou get this done by Friday? See attachment too.


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