Barnes & Noble is the nation s largest bookseller and a leading retailer of digital media and electronic products, including the Nook for eReading. The following activities were inferred from a recent annual report. a. Example: Incurred expenses; paid part in cash and part on credit. b. Paid interest on long-term debt. c. Sold merchandise to customers on account. (Indicate the effects of the sale; then reduce inventory for the amount sold-two transactions.) d. Sold equipment for cash for more than its cost. e. Collected cash on account. f. Used supplies. g. Repaid long-term debt principal. h. Received interest on investments. i. Purchased equipment; paid part in cash and part on credit. j. Paid cash on account. k. Issued additional stock. l. Paid rent to mall owners. Required: 1. For each of the transactions, complete the tabulation, indicating the effect (+ for increase and – for decrease) of each transaction. (Remember that A = L + SE; R – E = NI; and NI affects SE through Retained Earnings.) Write NE if there is no effect. The first transaction is provided as an example. 2. For each transaction, indicate where, if at all, it would be reported on the statement of cash flows. Use O for operating activities, I for investing activities, F for financing activities, and NE if the transaction would not be included on the statement.


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