Barn Burning

1) read the short story “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner on pages 262-275 in our literature book, then answer the five questions (Questions for Discussions and Writing) on page 275.

Story attached. Questions also attached.

Answer each question individually. Do not write it as a paragraph


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What picture of the Snopes family life can you deduce? Look at the details describing each member to help you understand the Snopeses dynamics.

According to the story, Abner Snopes had one big but simple family, one that stuck together no matter what circumstances they were in.  When his younger son colonel sartoris Snopes was called upon by the judge, he did not say a word. This resulted to his family being sent away to another country and not to return. His wife, two daughters and his other son went with him.


What do blood ties mean, according to Abner? Is his own behavior consistent with these claims?

He wants his son to learn from his ways that despite what happens, one should always stick to their own family members united by blood………………….


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