6.41      Steady-state conditions exist in the circuit shown in Figure P5.27 for t 0. The switch is closed at t = 0.

Figure P5.41


5.42      For the circuit shown in Figure P5.41, assume that switch S1  has been open for a long time and closes at  t = 0. Conversely, switch S2 has been closed and

opens at t = 0.

a.    Find the capacitor voltage vC (t) at t = 0+.

b.    Find the time constant τ for t ≥ 0.

c.    Find an expression for vC (t), and sketch the function.

d.    Find vC (t) for each of the following values of t: 0,τ, 2τ, 5τ, 10τ .



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