1) “New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System”  Please respond to the following:A) You are preparing to meet with your end users to discuss possible strategies for converting their old ERP system to a new one. Propose two (2) or three (3) alternative strategies, and explore related examples of situations for which each approach would be preferred and required.B) Outline the most common assumptions that developers usually make while documenting the initial use case realization. Determine whether or not there are negative consequences from such assumptions. Provide a rationale for your response.


2) “Operating Systems” Please respond to the following:A) From the first e-Activity (research the major reasons why some users avoid implementing and using Windows 8. Additionally, research whether or not Microsoft has taken any steps to alleviate any of these concerns), examine two (2) of the most common reasons that some users are avoiding Windows 8. Determine whether Microsoft has taken any steps to address these user concerns and, provide at least one (1) example if they have taken action. If Microsoft has not taken any steps to address these user concerns, recommend at least (1) course of action they could take in order to address the concerns. Justify your response.B From the second e-Activity (research three (3) types of user interfaces available today. Be prepared to discuss the various interfaces, the advantages and disadvantages of each to an end user as well as a systems developer, and which one (1) you would prefer), examine the ease of use and the pros and cons of three (3) types of user interfaces available to the user today. Determine the user interface which is the most efficient and user friendly. Provide a rationale for your response.Posted: 4 years agoDue: 25/02/2016Budget: $10


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